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Dmitriy and Daria who are both yoga teachers had an intimate wedding with a unique twist. A pink & purple two-piece instead of a wedding dress and a gorgeous couple whose individuality and green credentials shone through.

Bride wearing vintage Max Mara

I’ve chosen this couple because when Odi of Weddings By Odi showed me the photographs he had shot I just had to know more about the bride and groom. I love that she has chosen to break the rules of convention and opt for a purple outfit. I found the pictures to be delightful, they showed the couple’s fun side and that really shone through. These pictures made me want to know more about their lifestyle… Here are my nosy questions and Daria’s (the bride’s) answers.

Wedding in Hertforshire

What are the names you go by?

“The name of my husband is Dmitriy. So we are D&D

Dmitriy and Daria, or how my friends and family call me – Dasha or Dash, so Dmitriy & Dash.”

Did he ask you to marry him/how did you asked him to marry you?

“Walking from a yoga class somewhere around Earls Court. We’ve just moved together and were looking for a new flat. My husband had actually asked me to marry him a few months after we’d met.”

Vintage wedding ideas

Who decided on the date and venue of the wedding?

“Though we got engaged pretty much straight away it took us some time to actually get to organising the wedding. I was all for a small wedding, the smaller the better. I don’t like the hassle of organising and planning in advance. I love everything that is spontaneous and informal.

I also have a tendency to procrastinate so one day last summer me and my Mom were walking in Rye (one of my favourite places in UK) and Dmitriy just sent me a whatsap message with the date of the wedding.”

It was really funny, as my Mom had seen the text and asked who was getting married on the 15th of October. I answered,  “We are!”

Vintage wedding dresses

Your dress is beautiful, why did you decided on a colour instead of white?

“I’m not a big fan of white generally but there are few other reasons. Recently in addition to being a veggie (we both are) I’ve been trying to live a more waste free lifestyle. Decreasing the amount of clothes I buy is a big part of it. Investing in a dress that you can only wear once is absolutely wasteful.”

The other reason is of course the meaning behind the white dress, which I personally Find really archaic and patriarchal.

Vintage hen party ideas

“My outfit is by Max Mara. Their style is what I would call an understated elegance and confidence. And that’s what I really like about it. My Mom had some classy Max Mara numbers when I was growing up. And that was my idea of a dream dress.

So I think my outfit turned out to be quite symbolic!”

vintage inspired wedding dress

Tell me about your Flowers.

“That was 100% my Mom’s department. She is a gardener and a landscape designer. All she needed was to see my outfit. My bouquet came from  The Real Flower Company.”

vintage weding planning

How did you feel on your wedding day and what is your most endearing memory of it?

“I was really glad that we did it! As I said – ceremonies and big parties are not my cup of tea. And as far as I was concerned, I was wedded to my husband the day I said yes – 2 years before the wedding day. But there is a special meaning in bringing people to share it with you.”

Unusual wedding dresses

 Where did you go on to after the ceremony and who with?

“We invited closest friends and family – not everyone could be there, as it involved travelling from different countries. We obviously had quite an international group. We had some champagne after the ceremony – which my father who used to be in charge of several vineyards and vineries, chose especially for the day. After that we all went to Salisbury Arms Hotel in Hertford where we had dinner in a beautiful dark wood panelled function room.”

Vintage Inspired Wedding Flowers

 Did you go on a honey moon and if so did you go straight away and where too?

 “We did. We were going to Paris next morning, so we left our guest after dinner and stayed in King Cross hotel to catch the morning train to Paris.”

Do you have anything you would say to other brides that you think is the most important thing about the wedding day?

It is just a day of your journey together! Be honest with yourself and do it the way YOU two want it.”

Thank you D&D for answering all my questions and for letting us share one of the special days of your journey.

With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx

I highly recommend Odi Caspi as a wedding photographer. For more of his wedding photography visit Weddings By Odi


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