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Ascot Millinery Trends 2017 Veiling

Dolce & Gabbana Veiling

Ascot is the event of the year to show off millinery trends. It’s the time us milliners in London are at our busiest. This year there are a some stand out Ascot Millinery Trends 2017…

Ascot Millinery Trends – Veiling

Ascot hats 2017

Feathers and Veiling – the perfect combination by Michael Costello

Of all the Ascot millinery trends 2017, veiling is massive right now and I’m sooo pleased!! We play with veiling a lot in our Vintage Fascinator Making Workshops. Use it to style a very vampy look -think glamorous widow kills next husband to be or a very understated look – pretty vintage bride subtly batting her eyelashes at the new husband! Expect to see a lot more veiling in 2017. With Dolce & Gabbana, and  Michael Costello amongst a host of others sending veiling down the runway. You will see veiling filter through to millinery and high street stores in a big way.

Ascot Millinery Trends – Retro

Ascot - Millinery

Anna Sui

Ascot millinery trends 2017, number 2 is Retro styling. Fascinators will remain a go to for milliners and expect a retro vibe as seen at Anna Sui and Christopher Kane. I love the cuteness of this Anna Sui hat. This is not a far cry from the fascinators we teach hens to make at Glam Hatters. My first ever designer dress was by Anna Sui and although it’s been a long time since I could fit into it (it was touch and go at 22!) I still have it!

Hat for Ascot

Christopher Kane retro style hat

I’m a big fan of Christopher Kane and was lucky enough to attend one of his interviews last year. I love that this collection is called Make Do and Mend. The collection has a 40’s feel to it that is reflected in these cute little hats. However I think they could do with a bit more embellishment and would add veiling and fabric flowers to soften the look!

Ascot Millinery Trends – Flowers

Ascot Millinery Trends 2017 - flowers

Flower Crowns at Michael Costello

Ascot millinery trends 2017, number three is Flowers. Flowers are absolutely huge right now, in fact they are the main trend in millinery for 2017. Forget feathers, pom-poms, quills, right now it’s all about flowers. Be they fresh, faux or fabric the flower is having a moment and you need to jump all over it. I predict that Ascot 2017 will be a floral fantasy this year and next week I will write a follow up post to see if I’ve got this nailed!

Hot Millinery Trends for Ascot 2017

Flower Crown by Dolce & Gabbana

The hat below is one that I have made and would be prefect for Ascot or a wedding. If you’d like to make these for your hen party then check out our Flower Fascinator workshops.

Ascot Millinery by Janie Lawson for Glam Hatters' Hen Parties

Make a flower fascinator with The Glam Hatter Girls

I hope you like these flower crowns so much that you want to make your own! Come to us for a flower crown making hen party and choose from beautiful fabric blooms in a rainbow of colours. This is the first year we have been offering flower crowns as a workshop and all of us Glam Hatter Girls are crazy about them! The picture below is from a hen party we ran a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful and also super fun for Ascot!

Ascot Millinery Trends

Make a Flower Crown with Glam Hatters’ Tea Parties

So there you have it ladies. My Ascot Millinery Trends 2017. We don’t have long to wait to see the beautiful/crazy/sophisticated/edgy hats at Ascot! 

With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx



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