For lots of fun hen party activities in Bristol, based on our previous customer experiences, take a look at our blog below.

Hen Party Activities in Bristol

Modern Calligraphy Workshops

We are super excited to offer our brand new Modern Calligraphy Workshops. A gorgeous hen party idea for our London Brides-To-Be

Glam Hatters are initially offering our modern calligraphy workshops at our venue in Central London and at your choice of venue anywhere in London. We will be rolling them out Nationwide very soon!

Book a two hour long modern calligraphy workshop for your hen party with us and you will learn the basic techniques from the fine stroke at the beginning of the A to the flourish on the end of the Z, and by the end of our stylish hen party workshop you will be writing your name in your own take on modern calligraphy.

We will even give you your own modern calligraphy starter kit, so you can practise your new artistry at home. By the end of this calligraphy workshop you’ll be able to create your own greetings cards, invitations and place cards. And what’s more all your friends will be able to help you out! You’ll save a fortune on wedding stationary!

Modern calligraphy workshopIf you’ve ever longed to write in the most beautiful of all fonts (I know I have!) then look no further – this is the hen party workshop for you! The modern calligraphy workshop is a fresh take on traditional calligraphy lettering, and allows you to incorporate your own style, making it completely unique. 

This workshop is invaluable if you’re planning your own wedding!

hen party calligraphy


Prices vary according to the size and location of the workshop. Please contact Janie on the form below with details of your hen party and she will be delighted to give you a quote and help you sort out your hen party with lots of information and tips.

For more photos of hen parties we have hosted check out our Facebook page.

If you have any budget requirements, please DO ASK. We will always, always do our best to help you.

hen do idea - calligraphy workshop London

We love organising hen party activities for your stylish hen parties. With lots of fun hen do activities to choose from you are sure to find the perfect hen party. Get in touch today and we will make sure you and your friends have a lovely time with us!

With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx


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Ask Janie about your hen party!

Glitter Station – Brand New Hen Party Idea

We have another brand new hen party idea here at Glam Hatters. Book a Glitter Station with us and watch your party sparkle!

glitter station party

Book a glitter station with Glam Hatters and our glitter artists will bring the highest quality sparkles to your party.

Your Glitter Artist takes 15 minutes to set up and once set up you can choose your desired looks from inspiration we provide. From glitter roots to glitter delecotage we can create looks in a variety of colours and textures. We need a table and high bar stall or chair to be provided and we bring a ring light with us so you can have fun taking selfies! This also adds a fun element while the rest of the party are getting glittered.

glitter face painting

Each look takes approx 3-5 mins (depending on what you would like) and in a one hour booking your artist can do groups of 12-15 hens. If there are less girls in your group you can go all out and have multiple areas glittered!
All the glitter we use is cruelty free, vegan, biodegradable and sourced in UK. We also have latex free glue for anyone who has allergies.
Glitter Party

Q&A with our Glam Hatter Glitter Queen.

Q. How did you come to be a glitter queen?

A. Make-up has always been such a creative outlet for me and with glitter you get to involve everyone so it’s double the fun. Guys, girls, old and young – it just simply works for anyone, everyone and at any time of year. Seeing people’s faces light up post-glittering is priceless and addictive.

Q. What do you love most about your job?

A. I get to meet some fantastic people… Most of my clients to are now friends and we go out for drinks.

Q. Who is your ideal customer?

A. Someone that just loves having a great time and who isn’t afraid of getting glittered or face painted!

Q. What is the funniest secret you’ve heard from a customer whilst getting glittered?

A. It’s funny how much of a counsellor you become as a Glitter Artist. I had one lady that couldn’t sit on down on the stall for me to glitter her. Then told me she had just had a tattoo done on her derriere and couldn’t sit down! I was the first to know! We were laughing together and I glittered her whilst standing.

Q. What surprises you about your job as a Glitter Artist?

A. How fun it is. I’m one of those annoying people that just completely loves what I do. Don’t get me wrong, we work hard but I’m so grateful that I had the chance to do something I love and have fun!.

Q. Have you ever organised a hen party and if so what advice would you give to hen party organisers?

A. Sat & Sun hen-dos are my thing. It’s hard to get all those friends together in one place at the same time. They could be from different locations, with different life commitments and budgets yet they are still as important to the bride. A weekend hen means people can pick and chose what they want/can get to and reduces stress for the organisers.

Q. What is your favourite glitter colour/design.

A. I’m loving really chunky emerald greens and turquoise glitters at the moment…that mermaid look always turns heads.

Q. Why should people choose a Glitter Station and what do you bring to the party?!

A. Our glitter stations are portable and sit nicely on top of a table. It can be taken to a venue or home. We set up a full array of glitters/pearls/gems/stencils & face paints. Basically, if it sparkles we’ve got it! You don’t need to limit yourself either…We have a fun menu of looks to chose from so you can easily choose how much glitter you want. Why not try glitter lips, a glitter hair parting or even some glitter body painting!

Our Glam Hatter Glitter Girls  are such fun people to be around and ooze positivity, they are truly inspirational. They’ll get everyone involved and before you know it you’ll be snapping selfies of glittered hens. For more information and a quote for your Glitter Station contact Janie on the form below…


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Ask Janie about your hen party!

Crafty Hen Do In Brighton & Nationwide

Hen do activities Brighton

Brighton crafty hen party activity

Looking for a fabulous crafty hen do in Brighton? We can help you!

Choose The Glam Hatter Girls for your crafty hen do in Brighton. We offer Fresh or Fabric Flower Crown Making, Fascinator Making, Cocktail Ring Making and many more hen party workshops. The Glam Hatters also provide Glitter Stations and Flower Stations. Click the button below to view our full list of crafty hen party workshops in Brighton and the surrounding areas.


Hen Party Ideas Brighton

The Glam Hatter Girls In Brighton

The Glam Hatter Girls have organised hundreds of crafty hen parties across the UK. We are a team of creative experts and we love what we do! With step-by-step instructions, lots of fun and loads of giggles our teachers will ensure you have a lot of fun. Book a crafty hen do in Brighton with The Glam Hatter Girls and we will make sure you and your friends make something beautiful and have a lovely time with us.


crafty hen do activities in Brighton

Crafty Hen Do In Brighton

Brighton Hen Party Venues

We work with tea houses, bars and restaurants in Brighton and the surrounding areas. The Glam Hatter Girls can arrange your crafty workshop with afternoon tea, lunch or a cocktail masterclass at their venues. A three hour time slot with our recommended venues works really well for our workshops. Your hen party group arrives at the appointed time and has lunch or afternoon tea while The Glam Hatter Girls set out the materials for your crafty hen do. Then when you have finished your afternoon tea the Glam Hatter Girls teach your one and a half hour workshop. You then wear your fabric flower crown,  fresh flower crown or fascinator out on the town for your hen party in Brighton! 

crafty hen do activity Brighton

Brighton Hen Do Ideas

When you book your crafty hen do in Brighton with The Glam Hatters the ideal itinerary would be lunch/afternoon tea at 1pm. Followed by a Glam Hatters Crafty Workshop at 2pm. This would end at 3.30pm giving you time to pop back to your hotel or hen house to get ready for the evening festivities. Aim to have your girl gang back out by 6pm in time for pre-dinner cocktails. Followed this with a fabulous dinner and then dancing till dawn. Remember the Glam Hatter Girls rule for a good night out – hard drink follows soft drink! Try and have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have. That way you can enjoy the following day out in Brighton exploring the lanes and buying super cute things!


Hen Night In Brighton

We can also recommend lots of cool bars, comedy night and fun things to do in Brighton. Please contact us on the form below and we will help you organise your crafty hen do in Brighton.

The Glam Hatter Girls also offer crafty hen party activities nationwide. Get in touch with Janie on the form below – tell her where you are and she will arrange the rest!


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Ask Janie about your hen party!



The National Trust Flower Crown Workshop

When the team at The Red House called up to discuss their corporate event ideas we were in our element. The Red House was built by William Morris – the King of Craft!

corporate event ideas London

We work on our corporate event ideas with our clients in mind. We come up with the perfect creative event for the client and the space they are hosting in. 

corporate event ideas creative

The team at The Red House were hosting a Wassail festival. The whole house was open to their clients and they also planned a Wassail procession around the orchard making as much noise as possible to scare away the evil spirits, and give the apple trees a glug of cider to encourage a year of good growth. Clients would then be invited to finish off with a hot mulled cider and mince pies in the café.

corporate event ideas 2018

Flower Crown Workshop – Corporate Event Ideas

The Red House team required a rolling workshop for 50 people which would be completed in 2 hours. We set up a table to fit 20 people at a time and designed the flower crown workshop to take 20 minutes.

creative corporate event themes

The Glam Hatter Girls arrived an hour previous to the event on a freezing December morning and were welcomed by the staff and volunteers at The red House. We quickly got to work setting up the room ready for the visitors.

corporate event planning ideas

That way people could pop themselves down as and when they wanted to. We provided three Glam Hatter Teachers to help customers make their half crowns and keep everyone on track time wise.

innovative events ideas

We had lots of materials to choose from and had pre-made the circle crowns so that the attendees could easily decorate them. Using soft green, pliable wire, the attendees wrapped on faux berries, leaves, holly and all things Christmassy. They made beautiful winter flower crowns and then wore the crowns for the Wassail procession around the orchard.

creative corporate event ideas

The Red House is a beautiful building which William Morris designed and lived in. It is absolutely incredible in terms of craft on display.  It also has a super cute little cafe (fabulous cakes!) and a fab shop, ideal for Xmas gift shopping. Choose from William Morris print bags, cosy wool blankets (which make very chic scarves), and very stylish stationary.

Glam Hatters’ Events has run corporate events for law firms, galleries (including The National Gallery), retailers and events companies. We have lots of experience in this field and would love to come up with a bespoke workshop for your event. Call us for details and help with planning your corporate event. Contact Janie Lawson Gluckstein on the form below. Or call on the number above!


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Talk to us about your event.


Flowernator – Brand New Workshop!

We have a brand new hen party workshop at Glam Hatters. A Fascinator and a Flower Crown eloped to LA and nine months later the Flowernator arrives into the world!

Flowernator hen party

This is a super stylish workshop and the perfect hen party workshop for girls with a great sense of style. The Glam Hatter Girls will teach you step-by-step to make a gorgeous Flowernator with a beautiful bird-cage veil. Choose from a huge range of millinery bases and decorate with fabric flowers and leaves in a rainbow of colours. Top it off with a bird-cage veil for extra elegance. Just the thing to wear to the hen party or save it for a festival or boho wedding.

Our flower crown workshops and fascinator workshops are both super popular. The flowernator is a way to combine the two styles. That way everyone in your group can be sure to make the style that really suits them. We have noticed that the twenty and thirty somethings in the group tend to go for the flower crown style. The Mum’s of the bride and Aunties really love the fascinator look. This workshop is the perfect combination of styles in a hen party workshop so that everyone can feel comfortable with the piece they make. The lovely thing about the fabric flowers is that they will last until the wedding.

Hen Party Workshops At Glam Hatters

What a gorgeous group you will make wearing beautiful flowers and hats that you have all made. We have so many blooms to choose from and a huge range of coloured fascinator bases so you will make something to complement your outfit.

Bond with your group over style and colour choices and enjoy a crafty afternoon with our Glam Hatter Girls. Our teachers are very experienced and will give you exactly the right amount of help to ensure you take away a headpiece that you love and are able to wear to the wedding. Oh and one more thing, you’ll have a whole lot of fun while you’re making!

For all our hen party workshop details click here and for help booking your super stylish party contact Janie on the form below. We’d love to help you plan your hen party and promise you will have lots of fun with us!

With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx



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Ask Janie about your hen party!

Crafty Hen Party In Oxford & Nationwide

Looking for a Crafty Hen Party in Oxford? 

The Glam Hatter Girls are experts in organising crafty workshops for your hen party. We have lovely teachers and a very pretty venue above a gorgeous organic deli in Oxford (a short cab ride from Oxford train station). Making the perfect combination of afternoon tea and crafting. Vegans are catered for vegans too! If you would prefer us to come to a venue of your choice we have teachers and venues Nationwide. Contact Janie on the button below and she will help you book your workshop and find you a venue.


Flower Crown Workshop Oxford

Flower Crown Workshop In Oxford

Choose from Flower Crown or Fascinator Workshops. Our Glam Hatter Girls will teach you how to make a beautiful head-piece to wear out to your hen night. Or if you prefer, you can save it to wear on the wedding day. The teachers bring lots of materials in huge variation of colour so you can match your creations to your outfit. Lots of pieces made at our workshops have been worn down the wedding aisle. It’s the perfect way to make something stylish for the wedding wether you are a bride, bridesmaid or guest.

Fascinator Workshop Oxford

Crafty Hen Party In Oxford

The Glam Hatter Girls know that whilst the hen party organiser and bride-to-be may be big into craft there may be someone in your group who is not. That is why we teach our workshops with a lot of fun and giggles. We have had experience with all kind of groups. One lady (the bride’s Mummy) arrived at a workshop a few years ago and she was not keen on crafting at all. By the end of the workshop she had made a beautiful piece, chatted to her friends and spent the workshop crafting beside her daughter at the table. She then said to the teacher, “Wow, this is the best thing I’ve ever made!” And then she turned to her daughter, placed her hand on her daughter’s arm, and said, “Except for you!” There was not a dry eye in the house!


Hen Party Idea Oxford

Hen Party Idea Oxford

We would love to organise your crafty hen party in Oxford. If you have any questions about the workshop, venues or budgets at all please do ask as we will always do our best to help. 


Your name*

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Where would you like your party – town/city?

How did you hear about us?

Ask Janie about your hen party!

For more Oxford Hen Party Ideas take a look at our blog below.

Oxford Hen Party Ideas

For more Oxford Hen Party Ideas take a look at our blog below.

Oxford Hen Party Ideas

Crafty Hen Parties Nationwide

Crafty Hen Parties Nationwide

We have Glam Hatter Girls all over the U.K. Waiting to teach you a super fun crafty workshop

The Glam Hatter Girls offer crafty hen parties Nationwide. Wether you are having an intimate do for close friends or a huge one for all your friends, family and colleagues, we can help! Choose from fabric flower crowns, fascinator workshops or make a fresh flower crown with one of our fabulous florists. We can also organise your glitter station and provide you with a flower station.

Flower Crown Workshop in Oxford

Flower Crown Workshop in Oxford


The Glam Hatter Girls have hosted crafty hen parties all over England and Wales. If you would like a crafty workshop in your area we can help. Contact Janie on the button below. Let her know which workshop you would like and the name of your closest city and she can help to plan your hen do.

hen parties Nationwide

Flower Crown Workshop In London

Our crafty hen parties are super flexible. The Glam Hatter Girls arrive with all the materials and equipment you need. We have taught our workshops in village halls, serviced apartments, fields, cafes, tea houses, restaurants, bars, once in a warehouse (for Little Mix!) and at least three times in a teepee in South Wales. We also have a venue in Central London.

Flower Crown Workshop In South Wales

Flower Crown Workshop In South Wales


In our 10 years of hosting creative workshops for hen parties we have made lots of friends! Our lovely friends have gorgeous cafes, tea houses, restaurants and bars across the UK. We can chat to them about your hen party workshop and combine it with afternoon tea, lunch, cocktail making – or anything else you would like. Janie loves organising events and will do all the legwork so that you don’t have to.

Flower Crown Workshop in Colchester

Flower Crown Workshop in Colchester

Our crafty workshops are suitable for all levels of experience- even if you’ve never picked up a needle in your life! So many hens say, “I can’t believe I made that.” Or, “I love it, it’s so much better than one I would have bought in a shop.” View more of our testimonials here.

Roof Top Hen Party Workshop In London

Roof Top Hen Party Workshop In London

To find out more about our workshops, receive a quote or just chat through your hen party options, please contact Janie on the form below.


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What date would you like?

Where would you like your party – town/city?

How did you hear about us?

Ask Janie about your hen party!


DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial [Using Leopard Print!]

Hi There Craft People, here is my DIY Xmas Wreath Making Tutorial. As you know I am a big fan of leopard print, so for this tutorial I am going to be teaching you to make a leopard print DIY Xmas Wreath. If you’re a fan of kitsch this is definitely for you! We will be using tulle, sparkly felt and leopard print. 

You will need,
1m tulle, 30cms square of leopard print, 50cm of thick gardening wire, 30cm of 0.6mm (or there about) thin gardening wire, floristry tape, cardboard and a glue gun.
You need about 2 hours, a cup of tea and a glue gun for my kitsch Xmas Wreath DIY. I’d love to see what you make so please do post pictures to my FaceBook page

xmas wreath workshop

Xmas Wreath DIY


Everybody wants a DIY Xmas Wreath so I am thinking, leopard print and tulle. Because you don’t want to look like everybody else right?! And you want to have your own little stamp on it. I bought some gorgeous leopard print a few weeks ago for the How To Make A Katy Perry Outfit that I did for my daughter Tilly. I am using the extra bit that was left over. I’m also using a piece of card which I cut into a doughnut for the Hen Party Decoration Tulle Pom Poms  Tutorial. I have cut the hole in the middle a bit bigger than I had for the pom pom. I will then use some gardening wire and tulle strips. We will be wrapping the wire circle with floristry tape and then adding the tulle strips to that by tying them on.

The tulle circle will then lay on top of the leopard print circle to make your DIY Xmas Wreath. I’m using green tulle and if you want, you can add in Xmas colours. You could add in red, I’m going for a dusky peach as I like to do it my own way! I will also be adding in some sparkly felt stars because I’ve got those left over from my Star Fascinator Tutorial.

This is a really simple and fun DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial, here is the step-by-step guide.

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 1

My first step is to cut the doughnut to the right size. Take a look at your door and see how big you want your Xmas Wreath to be. Then draw a circle onto your card – I drew around a bucket to get a nice circle. Then measure about 8 cm in from the outside of your circle and cut the middle out. You will be left with a cardboard doughnut shape.

DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial step 1

DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial Step 1

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 2

Put your leopard print fabric on the table with the leopard print side down. Lay the cardboard on top and draw around it with a  sharpie pen leaving a 2cm seam allowance. Cut out the fabric.

DIY Xmas Project Step 2

DIY Xmas Project Step 2

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 3

Cut out the fabric and lay flat on the table again with the leopard print face down.

Xmas Wreath Tutorial Step 3

Xmas Wreath Tutorial Step 3

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 4

Lay the cardboard doughnut on top of the fabric. Use the glue gun to stick the inner circle of the fabric to the cardboard and pull up onto the card with scissors. (This will stop you burning your fingers on the hot glue). You may find it easier to make little snips with the scissors around the leopard print on the inside circle of the Xmas Wreath. (See video above!)

DIY Xmas Make

DIY Xmas Make Step 4

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 5

Use the thick gardening wire to make a circle. Make the size of the wire circle slightly smaller than the outside of the doughnut (as you will be glueing it to the doughnut at a later stage.) Use the tin wire to wrap the 2 ends of the wire over each other.

xmas wreath 2017

Xmas Wreath 2017 Step 5

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 6

Using floristry tape wrap around your circle. You don’t need any glue or water as floristry tape will stick to itself as you wrap it around the wire.

DIY Christmas 2017

DIY Christmas 2017 step 6

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 7

Cut your tulle into strip, make them around 3 cm wide. Then once you have the strips cut out, cut them down to 10 cam lengths – you will need quite a few.

DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath step 7

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 8

Layer the small strips 2 at a time and tie to the wire circle. It took me about half an hour to tie them all on and fill up the circle. I tied on all the green first and then went back over tying in dusty peach and then went round again tying in the black tulle. I put on the most strips in green and then about one third peach and one third black (scattered in amongst the green.)

Christmas Ideas

Christmas Ideas step 8

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 9

Using the glue gun stick the tulle circle to the leopard print circle. Please be very careful with your fingers as the glue gets super hot. I find it’s better to do a bit of glue then hold it down and then a bit more glue. (Otherwise the glue cools down and doesn’t stick so well.) Once you have glued it down, cut out stars using your sparkly felt.

Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas Ideas 2017 Step 9

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 10

Then cut into your star towards the middle so that you will be able to fold edges up. Stick your stars to the leopard print with glue gun.

Chritmas Ideas DIY

Chritmas Ideas DIY step 10

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 11

Once you have glued down the stars fold up the points for a more three dimensional effect.

Christmas Ideas Tutorial

Christmas Ideas Tutorial step 11

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 12

Using a long strip of tulle (about a meter long) hook one end between the wire hoop and the leopard print. Then pull around the wire hoop and tie the ends together in a double bow. This will be hung from your front door.

Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas Ideas 2017 step 12

I’d love to see your DIY Xmas wreath creations, please do pop over to the Facebook page to add your pictures. To see more stylish How To tutorials subscribe to my You Tube channel. If you love the idea of making but you want some company while you do it, book for yourself and a group of your friends on to one of our workshops. The perfect activity for a hen party or special Birthday!

Wishing You A Very Merry Xmas Filled With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx

Metallic Wedding Cake Trend [2018]

In this post The Glam Hatter Girl researches the unusual metallic wedding cake trend. Here are the most stylish wedding cakes you need to know about!


This Unusual Metallic Wedding Cake Is By Never Pie Cakes

I’m all about metallic right now. Like a magpie it is totally on my radar. From my metallic brogues to my metallic make-up bag I am down with it! As I was scrolling through Pinterest earlier looking at cake (as you do) my eye caught upon a beautiful cube stacked metallic wedding cake. Congrats to Never Pie Cakes, I haven’t seen anything like that before. And that’s something I don’t say often in wedding planning world.


Metallic Wedding Cake Image Courtesy of

When you are planning your wedding for 2018 there are two wedding cake trend predictions you need to consider. The first is the metallic wedding cake and the second is the concrete cake. We’ll save the concrete cake for another post.


Stylish Metallic Wedding Cake By De La Creme

I stumbled across De La Creme Creative Studio on Pinterest, they are certainly not local (based in Missouri) but if it’s inspiration you’re looking for check them out. I absolutely love the details of their work (above). The colours are simple, which means the amazing detailing stands out. The metallic wedding cake above is so stylish it reminds me of all the things that make a hat beautiful. Perfect balance, poise and understated beauty. This really is a graceful metallic wedding cake.


Stylish Wedding Cake By Sweet Treats Bakery

For more intimate weddings try a one tier metallic wedding cake. Add a calligraphy style cake topper, a wash of subtle colour and gold metallic leaf. This cake from Sweet Treats Bakery is styled to perfection and I love it.

Metallic Wedding Cake Combined With Gorgeous Flowers

flower crown style wedding cake

Flower & Metallic Wedding Cake by Cake Ink

The flower trend prevails – this cake from Cake Ink really took my breath away – possibly because I have just created a hat which looks just like this! (See below). The hat is an example from our new Luxury Fascinator Making Hen Party Workshop.

Ascot Millinery by Janie Lawson for Glam Hatters' Hen Parties

Make a flower fascinator with The Glam Hatter Girls

The cake below from Cakes Decor is super sweet and of course it appeals to me because it’s wearing it’s very own floral crown! What could be better?! For more beautiful flower crowns that you can wear yourself or dress your cake with check out our Flower Crown Hen Party Workshop.


Metallic & Flower Crown Wedding Cake by Cakes Decor

The subtle metallic highlights on this wedding cake combined with the straight metallic lines and super-pretty flowers make for a work of art. If anyone does “pretty” really well it’s the guys at Cotton & Crumbs. Look at their website if you’re after a very pretty and  unusual metallic wedding cake.


Metallic & Floral Wedding Cake by Cotton & Crumb

Next week I will be bringing you the concrete cake. Purely because it gives me an excuse to get on Pinterest and look at cake! I have lots of inspirational boards on Pinterest, from hen party planning to wedding cake, to DIY ideas for your hen party and wedding. Take a look and remember to follow me on Pinterest for all the latest hen party and wedding news.

With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx

Never Pie Cakes

De La Creme Creative Studio

Cake Ink

Cakes Decor

Cotton & Crumbs