Covid 19 Hen Parties


This year would have been our biggest hen party season since we started hosting Crafty Hen Parties back in 2008. However, when Covid 19 happened we quickly realised that this was not meant to be. Our primary concern would be to help our lovely customers to manage their bookings.

Covid 19 advice on event planning

Aware that the situation was ever evolving, rather than contact all customers in a general message we spent time contacting customers whose parties were coming up within the next month. (We continue to do this.) We asked them how they were doing and if they would like to postpone their hen party. We offered to carry deposits across to new dates. Originally we said up to 12 months from the cancelled date.

covid 19 hen party

After spending time reading about other wedding businesses we realised that we should extend to 18 months, as some wedding venues were already booked up for next year. This meant our customers had to get creative with new wedding dates, which then had an impact on hen party dates.

love in the time of coronavirus

We also offered to pencil new dates and told customers they could move the date again if needed (providing we had 2 weeks notice). In other cases we offered to hold off putting in a new date and told customers they could let us know the new date, once government guidelines were clear on when events could happen again safely.

coronavirus hen do

All our Crafty Teachers agreed this was a very sensible idea. In fact I had more teachers in tears than customers. And they weren’t in tears for themselves, they were in tears for our customers, for the situation and for the tragic loss of lives that they were seeing on their news feeds each day- as were we.

hen party Covid 19

Never in my life have I ever thought I would be emailing all my co-workers to ask if they were safe, if their families were safe, how they were coping. Never in my life had I ever imagined checking the news each morning to see if the death rate was coming down. I cannot imagine how the front line workers are coping with this.

Of all our teachers, I think it’s our florists that have found it the hardest. They have gone from hosting fun flower crown making hen parties to making flowers for funerals – for people who were much to young to be having flowers made for them.

hen party planning Coronavirus

We are answering emails, calls, Insta messages and Facebook DMs. If you have any questions at all about your booking, or about a new booking, please contact us and we can help.