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OK Daily Mail, you have been p*@$ing me off for years with your hate-Filled, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist crap. Last month you boiled down 2 female politicians (leaders of 2 Countries no less) to a couple of pairs of legs – that was pretty bad. But now you’re starting on working Mummies and that is MY tribe. You bloody awful journalists all have Mothers – didn’t any of them work for a living?

Janie Lawson

Easter holidays with my daughters. We all love a hat!

You may ask why I’m so slow to write this post – the offending article titled “The mothers who admit they’re so glued to their phones, they ignore their children – and, just as disturbing, they’re passing on their harmful screen addiction” and featuring  Kate Beavis came out last week. It’s been all over TV and social media already – the furore is already yesterday’s news. Well I’ll tell you why it’s taken me this long to write this post. EASTER HOLIDAYS.

Just like Kate Beavis I do most of my work while my young children are at school. Easter holidays is a time when I answer work enquiries (I run my own hen party craft activity business) on the hoof when I get a moment. Sometimes it’s a quick email while the girls are painting eggs or while I’m on the train down to Wales to meet my folks. More often than not during holiday time it’s after 8.30pm when my daughters have gone to bed.

hen party planning

Oh no, my little girl is carrying a fake smartphone – someone call the Daily Mail!

Like all the Mum’s I know who run their own businesses I somehow manage to fit it all in with the help of a visit to Nana’s house or a babysitter filling in for a couple of hours. And here’s the thing, Daily Mail: we do this to create the lifestyle we want. The one where we can earn money and be there for our kids during the Easter Holidays or for school pick ups. This is how we pay for those extra things like Saturday morning swimming lessons. So heaven forbid we dash off a quick email to keep all those balls in the air.

And here’s another thing Daily Mail – this job of being a Mummy and running your own business is not easy.

It is hard work. My job is the exact job I want to do, but whilst I have a huge amount of fun doing it, it is hard graft keeping this much going. It is also relentless. If one of my daughters is poorly, I stay home with them, I work around it and I still deliver all my commitments to my customers. My kids are my priority, they are my number one job but everything else has to happen too. Other wise I wouldn’t have a business.

Next time you interview a talented, entrepreneurial woman, how about focusing on her achievements? Because in the end isn’t Kate Beavis exactly the type of woman we all want as a role model for our children? A charming, supportive and capable woman who champions small businesses through her vintage wedding shows and encourages all of us to recycle by writing about her vintage furniture addiction.


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