DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial [Using Leopard Print!]

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Hi There Craft People, here is my DIY Xmas Wreath Making Tutorial. As you know I am a big fan of leopard print, so for this tutorial I am going to be teaching you to make a leopard print DIY Xmas Wreath. If you’re a fan of kitsch this is definitely for you! We will be using tulle, sparkly felt and leopard print. 

You will need,
1m tulle, 30cms square of leopard print, 50cm of thick gardening wire, 30cm of 0.6mm (or there about) thin gardening wire, floristry tape, cardboard and a glue gun.
You need about 2 hours, a cup of tea and a glue gun for my kitsch Xmas Wreath DIY. I’d love to see what you make so please do post pictures to my FaceBook page

xmas wreath workshop

Xmas Wreath DIY


Everybody wants a DIY Xmas Wreath so I am thinking, leopard print and tulle. Because you don’t want to look like everybody else right?! And you want to have your own little stamp on it. I bought some gorgeous leopard print a few weeks ago for the How To Make A Katy Perry Outfit that I did for my daughter Tilly. I am using the extra bit that was left over. I’m also using a piece of card which I cut into a doughnut for the Hen Party Decoration Tulle Pom Poms  Tutorial. I have cut the hole in the middle a bit bigger than I had for the pom pom. I will then use some gardening wire and tulle strips. We will be wrapping the wire circle with floristry tape and then adding the tulle strips to that by tying them on.

The tulle circle will then lay on top of the leopard print circle to make your DIY Xmas Wreath. I’m using green tulle and if you want, you can add in Xmas colours. You could add in red, I’m going for a dusky peach as I like to do it my own way! I will also be adding in some sparkly felt stars because I’ve got those left over from my Star Fascinator Tutorial.

This is a really simple and fun DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial, here is the step-by-step guide.

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 1

My first step is to cut the doughnut to the right size. Take a look at your door and see how big you want your Xmas Wreath to be. Then draw a circle onto your card – I drew around a bucket to get a nice circle. Then measure about 8 cm in from the outside of your circle and cut the middle out. You will be left with a cardboard doughnut shape.

DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial step 1

DIY Xmas Wreath Tutorial Step 1

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 2

Put your leopard print fabric on the table with the leopard print side down. Lay the cardboard on top and draw around it with a  sharpie pen leaving a 2cm seam allowance. Cut out the fabric.

DIY Xmas Project Step 2

DIY Xmas Project Step 2

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 3

Cut out the fabric and lay flat on the table again with the leopard print face down.

Xmas Wreath Tutorial Step 3

Xmas Wreath Tutorial Step 3

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 4

Lay the cardboard doughnut on top of the fabric. Use the glue gun to stick the inner circle of the fabric to the cardboard and pull up onto the card with scissors. (This will stop you burning your fingers on the hot glue). You may find it easier to make little snips with the scissors around the leopard print on the inside circle of the Xmas Wreath. (See video above!)

DIY Xmas Make

DIY Xmas Make Step 4

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 5

Use the thick gardening wire to make a circle. Make the size of the wire circle slightly smaller than the outside of the doughnut (as you will be glueing it to the doughnut at a later stage.) Use the tin wire to wrap the 2 ends of the wire over each other.

xmas wreath 2017

Xmas Wreath 2017 Step 5

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 6

Using floristry tape wrap around your circle. You don’t need any glue or water as floristry tape will stick to itself as you wrap it around the wire.

DIY Christmas 2017

DIY Christmas 2017 step 6

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 7

Cut your tulle into strip, make them around 3 cm wide. Then once you have the strips cut out, cut them down to 10 cam lengths – you will need quite a few.

DIY Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas Wreath step 7

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 8

Layer the small strips 2 at a time and tie to the wire circle. It took me about half an hour to tie them all on and fill up the circle. I tied on all the green first and then went back over tying in dusty peach and then went round again tying in the black tulle. I put on the most strips in green and then about one third peach and one third black (scattered in amongst the green.)

Christmas Ideas

Christmas Ideas step 8

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 9

Using the glue gun stick the tulle circle to the leopard print circle. Please be very careful with your fingers as the glue gets super hot. I find it’s better to do a bit of glue then hold it down and then a bit more glue. (Otherwise the glue cools down and doesn’t stick so well.) Once you have glued it down, cut out stars using your sparkly felt.

Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas Ideas 2017 Step 9

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 10

Then cut into your star towards the middle so that you will be able to fold edges up. Stick your stars to the leopard print with glue gun.

Chritmas Ideas DIY

Chritmas Ideas DIY step 10

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 11

Once you have glued down the stars fold up the points for a more three dimensional effect.

Christmas Ideas Tutorial

Christmas Ideas Tutorial step 11

DIY Xmas Wreath Step 12

Using a long strip of tulle (about a meter long) hook one end between the wire hoop and the leopard print. Then pull around the wire hoop and tie the ends together in a double bow. This will be hung from your front door.

Christmas Ideas 2017

Christmas Ideas 2017 step 12

I’d love to see your DIY Xmas wreath creations, please do pop over to the Facebook page to add your pictures. To see more stylish How To tutorials subscribe to my You Tube channel. If you love the idea of making but you want some company while you do it, book for yourself and a group of your friends on to one of our workshops. The perfect activity for a hen party or special Birthday!

Wishing You A Very Merry Xmas Filled With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx