The Society Of Antiquaries Fascinator Making Events In London

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The Glam Hatters hosted a series of fascinator making events in London at The Society Of Antiquaries this August. Based on their exhibition “Blood Royals”, we designed a bespoke felt fascinator workshop using felt, beading and Swarovski crystals. 

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Taking the Richard III and Edward IV panel paintings shown at the exhibition as inspiration. 

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We used felt because it’s a gorgeous fabric to work with and it holds it’s shape really well for millinery. All the materials were available in a huge variety of colours. We thought people would love this workshop, it’s so pretty, easy to do and easy to wear. The perfect recipe for these fascinator making events in London.

fascinator making events in London

Fascinator Making Events In London With Glam Hatters’ Events

Above is our original design, you can see we’ve used jewels similar to the jewels in the paintings.

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The Outline Of The Fascinator Making Events In London

Using ruffs as the inspiration for the fascinator shapes. The Glam Hatter Girls hosted workshops over two evenings at the SOA. Each workshop was 30 minutes long with 20 attendees back to back. This was part of The Society of Anitquaries Friday Night Lates. Here are the pictures from the workshops.

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Above Livi demonstrates the ruff used as design inspiration for the fascinator shapes at our event. It’s always great to have a visual aid when explaining workshops. Livi is our go to hatter for all things historian and she loved leading this workshop.

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Step-By-Step Instructions At Our Fascinator Making  Events In London

First job of the fascinator workshop was to get creative and select your colours! We had a huge range of coloured veiling, felts and beading to choose from. The fascinator workshop was set in the beautiful library at The Society of Antiquaries. It was lovely to have everyone seated around a large table and made for a very chatty, super-fun environment.

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We had four a team of Glam Hatter Girls at this event. They all worked the room with tips, tricks and lots of millinery advice. Ensuring that all the participants had a lot of fun and made a beautiful fascinator to take home.

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All our workshops are suitable for any level of experience – even if you’ve never picked up a needle in your life! I have to say though – these ladies were brilliant sewers. With a little bit of guidance from our team Livi, Clara, Anna and Shabnam they got completely stuck in to the task at hand!

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We always have plenty of mirrors to hand at our fascinator making workshops. And everyone can check the balance of their fascinators as they try new shapes. We usually have a couple of guys at the workshops and find they totally enter the spirit of the workshops. (In fact they are usually very industrious!)

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It is always exciting to see the fascinators at the final stage of the creative event. It’s incredibly satisfying to see how the clients confidence in their crafting ability grows during the workshop.

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Glam Hatters’ Creative Events – Fascinator Making

Our fascinator events in London are all about expressing yourself, having a lot of fun and spending time with friends or colleagues getting creative.

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Beautiful in Blue! We loved this guy – so much in the spirit of what we do

We design all our corporate and creative events with our clients in mind. If you would like to add a fun, creative element to your event please do get in touch with Janie using the form below. We love what we do and that energy will spill over into your event ensuring the whole team has a fabulous time!


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