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The Glam Hatter Girls storm the National Gallery! A couple of Fridays ago myself and two of my Glam Hatter Girls, Astri and Bobbie hosted a fascinator making workshop at The National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London.


Behind the scenes, last minute coffee and prep at Pret!

The girls and I met at the Pret on the corner of Trafalgar Square half an hour before we were due at The National Gallery to set up for our fascinator making workshop as part of the Goya Late event. We were all pretty excited, talking at a million miles an hour, drinking coffee, avoiding cake and running through workshop timings one more time.

Glam Hatter Girls Storm The National Gallery!

Laura, the events manager met us at the side door and ushered us through the secret corridors of the gallery and we popped out at the foyer, whooshed up in the lift and came out at Room 9 of the gallery. Room 9 (my favourite number!) is huge with massive and seriously old oil paintings hung around it plus an amazing skylight above. We were all feeling very Alice In Wonderland and at one point while we were setting up the huge table in the centre of the room I whispered to Bobbie and Astri, “If I could tap dance, I would get up on this bench and tap dance right now, I am so excited to be here!”

Corporate events

It was a dark rainy night but it didn’t put people off coming to the event and pretty soon we had a que forming ready to take their places at the table for our workshop. We were running 2 fascinator making workshops one after another. It quickly became apparent that we wouldn’t be able to fit everyone in so we dragged over the beautiful old oak benches usually used for viewing paintings, to each end of the table and jammed a few more people in.

hen party idea London

The whole event had a carnival feel to it, as well as us Glam Hatter Girls there was a fan making demonstration, wine tasting, flamenco dancing and fabulous Spanish music, all in different parts of the gallery. (Apparently our room was the busiest – just sayin’!)

Goya-De Francisco-Jose, The duchess of Alba Sun
Goya-De Francisco-Jose, The duchess of Alba Sun

I custom designed the workshop for The Goya Late exhibition. Each workshop was 40 minutes long and the inspiration for the workshop came from the Goya painting above. We prepped for the fascinator workshop by cutting all the sinamay strips ahead of time to use as the main part of the fascinator and had also cut up squares of tulle to be used to soften the over all look of the fascinator. We used beading and vintage buttons to finish off. This kind of workshop is perfect for a corporate event or team building activity.

Fascinator making workshop

We demonstrated the techniques at the beginning of each workshop and the ladies (and a couple of boys!) then got to work with all the prepped materials. Bobbie, Astri and I patrolled the table with helpful tips, banter and a lot of giggles keeping everyone on track and on time and helping create beautiful fascinators.

glam hatters fascinator making

Check out our Facebook page for all the pictures of our Goya Late event and you’ll see how much fun we had and how gorgeous the fascinators created looked.

In the words of Glam Hatter Girl Bobbie, “We totally smashed it guys!”

Corporate events team building activities.

If you would like the Glam Hatters to create a custom workshop for your event please do contact me. I love creating bespoke workshops and I’m very happy to research your company/brand for ideas specific to you and come up with a super-fun, team building event at your choice of location or at one of our venues in London or Cardiff.

With Love and Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl. xxx


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