Lipsy Flower Crown Corporate Event

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We were delighted when the guys at Lipsy called us up to book The Glam Hatter Girls to run a workshop as part of the Lipsy staff party. It sounded like such a fun corporate event. They explained there were having dance offs, a photo booth and a whole host of fun, events providers for team building at their staff party.

corporate party

The Glam Hatter Girls arrived with 3 huge suitcases Filled to bursting with fabric flowers and crowns. Lipsy had 159 staff members in attendance at their corporate event. Located at The Magic Roundabout in Old Street. The Glam Hatter Girls quickly set about making an appealing display. Even using the coffee machine to display Flower Crowns and hat boxes on! (We can make anything look gorgeous.)

creative corporate event London

Getting creative with the coffee machine!

The Corporate Event…

Soon the party goers arrived… they were presented with flower garlands, had their faces made sparkly, ate, drank and made a lot of flower crowns! Here are a few pictures from the Lipsy corporate event.

flower crown workshops

We were so impressed with the Lipsy girls. They were totally fearless in their choices and made fantastic statement flower crowns. I love these three girls, they were so much fun. They’d already been at the glitter stall before they came to us. The flower crowns, the garlands, the sparkle – what’s not to love?!

Creative Corporate Event

Moving on to the boys!!! What a stellar look, bold, sparkly and unafraid – we all loved this guy! And the flower crown was pretty good too!

The Glam Hatter Girls…

“What do you think of our brand new, glitter encrusted Glam Hatters sign?!” We were so excited about being part of the Lipsy event and being at The Magic Roundabout that I spent a couple of days making this!!! Here, Glam Hatter Girls Tash & Clara show it off!

team building event LondonThe Glam Hatter Girls wore flower crowns that fitted the colour scheme. This is Tash, (below) her favourite workshop to teach is the flower crown. This is her at the end of the night having a little sit down and making one last one! When asked what her favourite part of the night was she said – “The posh cheese cake!!!” She charmed the cake guys so much they gave her some extra to take home!

hen party workshop

The Best Corporate Event Location…

wellness eventsMake a peace sign if you love your flower crown! This party had it all and The Magic Roundabout was such a cool location. I would strongly recommend it for a staff party or corporate event. It’s very central and sits above Old Street Tube. You don’t even need to leave the tube to get to it. Perfect for our rainy Summer and it’s easy to get back home.

team building event

The Magic Roundabout has an outdoor feel to it but has a covering to protect guests for the rain. It looks surprisingly tropical for an East London venue! It’s only 1 tube stop from our studio too!

corporate event London

These girls added flower crowns to the silk scarves they were already wearing.

The Best Flower Crown Workshop For A Corporate Event…

We designed the workshop to take just 15 minutes. We figured with this age group they wouldn’t want to be sitting around for too long. Especially with all the other stalls there. The festival vibe that Lipsy created was perfect for their staff.

corporate event

If you’re thinking of a workshop for your large corporate event a free flowing workshop works really well. That way a lot of people get to make a flower crown. We advised the party goers to choose 3 flowers, 3 leaves and some sparkly bits. Wire them on to he pre-made crown and Bob’s your Uncle!

corporate events

Because our flowers are of a really good quality and with the help given by The Glam Hatter Girls in just 15 minutes you can create a stunning piece. The party goers were very happy to have such a pretty take away. It also served as an ice breaker and talking point for the rest of the evening.

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Book A Corporate Event With Us…

I cannot emphasise enough how much the Glam Hatters’ love what they do. We love helping you make gorgeous headpieces. We love being part of your corporate event. And more than anything we love the giggles and the delight on the faces of the girls (and boys) making the Flower Crowns. We will 100% give you all we’ve got. We will prep like a boss. We will arrive early. We will make the area we are working in look lovely. Last but not least we will make sure your staff or clients make a fantastic piece and have a fabulous time with us!

To discuss your corporate party email or call Janie with all your requirements. We regularly create bespoke workshops for our clients and Janie can chat you through the process.

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