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Work, children, hats, tech and Pret for lunch!

Work, children, hats, tech and Pret for lunch!

This blog is a little different from my usual hen party tips, tricks, planning and advice. It’s about me, the original Glam Hatter Girl and the founder of Glam Hatters. It’s about my work/child balance and how I juggle 2 children a husband and my love of hats and parties which I’ve managed to mould into a career!

The thing I love about working for myself is that during the week (if I’m not setting up suitcases of millinery materials and haven’t got any of the Glam Hatter Girls in the studio) I can pretty much work from anywhere. This morning for instance it’s been all about the improv! As Mum of two small children (2 and a half and 4 and a half) life tends to throw a few curve balls into my week. The lovely Mr G also works for himself so I’m not alone in the work/child balance (notice the word “life” has been swapped!). A typical Tuesday for me should involve getting up, getting the girls up and dressed – no mean feat when all they want to wear is, a) an Ailsa costume or b) a home-made Batman outfit. craft London Getting myself showered, dressed and a bit (more than a bit if we’ve had a bad night) of make-up on, making breakfast (persuading said kids to eat breakfast), cleaning teeth, brushing hair (“plait or pony tail Lottie? Can you please answer me… Tilly get off the table…”), brushing teeth (running after furious toddler trying to explain the merits of clean teeth), getting shoes – cardis – coats on, finding book bags and finally giving them to Mr G to walk around to school and then nursery. Then at 8.45 am I get in the car, drive to the studio and peacefully start my work!

Thank God for benefit keeping me looking professional!

Thank God for Benefit keeping me looking professional!

This morning however I have also been up 3 times in the night – various reasons ranging from bad dreams (Lottie), wanting a banana (Tilly) wanting to sleep on my head (Tilly). Myself and the girls were up at 6.30am this morning (knew I should have had an early night last night instead of staying up till gone 11 pm watching the wonderful Joan Rivers).

Joan Rivers my (bitchy) soul sister!

Joan Rivers my (bitchy) soul sister!

Mr G stumbles downstairs at 7am (split level town house – our bedroom on top floor, girls bedrooms on middle floor) and tells me he’s had 3 hours sleep (my gorgeous husband is a fully fledged insomniac). I send him back up and realise I’ll be doing the school run. I always feel like I should do the school run to the theme music of Benny Hill.

crafty London

Think theme tune and not the sexism or misogyny.

I walk up the hill pushing Tilly in her buggy trying to keep a hold of Lottie’s scooter which she refuses to ride on the cobbles. The whole street must hear me yelling to my kids on our morning walk to school, “come on Lottie, we are going to be late, you’ll get a late mark and I’ll be in soooo much trouble with Ms Frood” – sometimes I feel like I’m having palpitations – all those times sat outside the head’s office as a teenager because either myself or my sister were in trouble have left me haunted!!! classy hen party activity Lottie loves school and always has, this has lulled me into a false sense of security with our easy drop offs. I have been rudely awakened by Tilly since starting her 2 mornings a week at Dolphin Montesorri (I’m scattering in as many middle class intonations into my blog as possible, coming from a working class background I delight in them, my family finds it hilarious and so do I, follow my blog and they’ll start to clang out at you with alarming regularity – especially as Mr G is a scholarship boy made good so we’re double dosing! He however genuinely thinks he is middle class and would probably get away with it if it wasn’t for my big gob!) Glam Hatter Girl I would love to say that Tilly arrives serenely at Dolphin and gets on with playing with the many wooden toys (clang) and joins in the expressive dance (double clang) but she does not. I sit with her for 15 minutes and she happily cuddles me (and she is so adorable to cuddle) and then I start to leave and she looks utterly and completely heartbroken and she wails. Not a quiet little cry but a full blown earth shaking wail. And I am strong and firm and I leave her with Tulsha (beautiful, calm, child-centred Tulsha) and I walk out of nursery. I used to cry all the way to the coffee shop but I’m a second-time Mum and I know the drill. Within 4 minutes of me leaving she will be happily dancing, painting or this week’s Dolphin speciality, making a marguerita pizza.   All that is now done and I am enjoying a skinny latte (started back at weight watchers this week to shift the baby weight – although now Tilly is 2 and a half I’m not sure I can still call it baby weight – more accurate to say biscuit weight. Anyway I’m back to counting points so it’s a skinny latte and no croissant for me,) in the cafe round the corner from our house. crafty henI’m not here out of choice however, I like working at my studio or at home with my Mac and extra screen so I can have 17 browsers open at once whilst writing my blog. No, I’m here because in all the beautiful whirlwind of getting the girls out of the door I forgot, 1. My handbag 2. My door keys SONY DSCI went back into to the house 3 times before leaving to go to nursery for amongst other things Jo Jo (Lottie’s favourite toy), Tilly’s lunch box, my sunglasses. The sound of pulling the front door closed behind me is always so satisfying as the girls know once the door is closed we “never, ever go back!” (It is alarming that as I write these words I can picture Anna from Frozen saying them.) Shame it wasn’t until I got back to the front door that I realised my keys were still inside. crafty party with afternoon tea I couldn’t bring myself to buzz the buzzer and wake the slumbering Mr G. This is a rare act of kindness but my husband has been under immense pressure with his work plus I knew he’d be a bear like a sore head all day if woken. Unlike me (and every other Mum I know) he doesn’t have the ability after being woken up to fall back into a deep sleep within 30 seconds. I scrabbled around in my multi pocketed parka (must upgrade to a sleek caramel crombie this year now I don’t have to carry bottle of milk in my pocket and have a 70% chance of leaving the house without being splattered with Tilly’s breakfast) and find £2.63. fun things to do in Cardiff. Thank goodness (when did I stop swearing so completely, even under interrogation I would now shout “flip” rather than a swear word,) it’s enough to pop into my local coffee shop and have a latte. I’m also lucky enough to have my phone on me so have managed to write my blog. If life throws you lemons…find a party and pop them in the vodka (party goers always forget the lemons so you’ll be most welcome.)

hen party fun in London

I hope you have enjoyed my blog, it’s a rare one for me and a bit of a departure from my usual hen party advice. Writing on my iPhone has limited me and at the same time afforded me the chance to write a more personal blog this week. I’d love to hear from you working Mums out there. Any tricks you have for getting out of the house in the morning would be greatly appreciated.

With Love and Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx

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