Planning A Hen Party For 2021 UK During Covid 19

hen party planning 2021
The only kind of trouble we want for 2021 is the good kind –
the kind that happens on a hen do!

At Glam Hatters, after the initial stage of postponing parties for our 2020 hen party customers due to Covid 19, came the next stage in business; New customers started to contact us to book their hen dos for 2021. This was interesting and I hadn’t thought that would happen. But of course, everyone was in lockdown and people wanted to do fun things – and what’s more fun than planning your hen party? And for sure we hope by 2021 things will be back to normal.

On our customers behalf, I started contacting venues for Afternoon Tea or Cocktail Making Classes. I didn’t hear back. I contacted them again. No-one was answering. Until finally one guy, from one venue, pinged me a brief email. He told me all the staff had been furloughed and terms of furlough are that you can-not answer emails, as this is seen as working and in breach of furlough.

flower crown workshop Cardiff

He happened to have been brought in for a couple of days for maintenance of their building, and as we have a long standing relationship, he wanted to let me know what was going on. Oh!

tea hen do UK
Afternoon Tea Ideas at

But that got us Glam Hatter Girls thinking, rather than taking deposits for bookings, why not just pencil people in? We’ve never done that before – we often have 25 different enquiries for one day – there’s no way we could hold all of them just in case! But until government guidelines are clear we have decided that is what we will do.

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Cocktail Making Workshops at

If you are the one organising a hen party for your bride tribe in 2021, you can still make plans with Glam Hatters. We can chat you through what we offer and where, we can send you links and pictures of venues that you can drool over and you can while away some of your lock down time – or at the very least, stay away from the snack cupboard for five minutes! We can pencil you in for all the hen party activities you like.

hen party ideas
Trying to stop snacking but the chocolate is calling me!

And then, when this lockdown is over, and when the venues are serving Afternoon Tea or Cocktail Masterclasses, and The Glitter Girls are Glittering, and The Glam Hatter Girls are Crafting, and The Glam Hatter Florists are teaching Flower Crown Workshops, you will be at the front of the line for booking your dream hen do, as we grab the hot line to book you in!
We are answering emails, calls, Insta messages and Facebook DMs!