DIY Flower Crowns

Individual Flower Crown Kit

Choose your Flower Crown Kit in one of five colour ways; Multi-Colours, Pinks & Foliage, Tropical, Autumnal or Christmas.

Each kit contains approximately 9 fabric flowers, 6 fabric leaves, wire and ribbon.

Our most popular colour theme right now is Christmas (reds and greens) – the perfect gift for a crafty friend! Make a flower crown to wear or hang it on your front door for that festive feeling!

Each kit contains step-by-step instructions in pictures and text. The Flower Crown Kit is packaged in an environmentally friendly brown bag.

Dimensions: Each flower crown when made is approximately 37 cm long (depending on how you measure it.)


Once your order is taken we will normally ship it to you within 5 days. If you need your order shipped faster please let us know before placing your order as we will always do our best to meet you deadline.