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If you’re planning a Summer Hen Party, this blog is for you… This Summer it’s ALL about the garden party. Think green fields, bunting, fizz in super-kitch, pink, plastic glasses, ditsy-print napkins, vintage-inspired sunglasses, a crafty activity and pretty ruffly umbrellas – this is England after all!


 Hen Party Tip Number 1. Have a back up plan!

And on the subject of being in the U.K. my first tip would be – have a back up. Our crazy weather means it can be bright, beaming sunshine one minute and sheeting down with ice cold rain the next. An umbrella or two really won’t cut it. You need a venue that allows you to de-camp back indoors should the need arise. summer hen party

Hen Party Tip Number 2. Protect your hens!

At the other end of the scale – should the weather turn out to be roasting hot, make sure you have umbrellas/parasols and SPF. Your hens really don’t want to have bright pink noses or shoulders that are so crisped they can’t hang a handbag off them! fascinator making hen party

Hen Party Tip Number 3. Mix it up!

We all have a tendency to stick to what/who we know when we’re out of our comfort zone. It’s a really good idea to have a seating plan. I have seen so many hen parties arrive at Glam Hatters and mill around as nobody quite knows the protocol of where to sit. Hen parties are ideal situations for strangers to get to know each other and ensure a fabulous wedding. Mix up groups (school friends/work colleagues/different ages) and that way hens will be encouraged to chat to someone new. New friendships will be formed and the added benefit is that at the wedding there will be less segregation and a lot more fun and friendliness. crafty hen party

Hen Party Tip Number 4. Organise an activity that will bring every one together!

Even with a seating plan you will still need to put a bit of work in to get everyone talking. A great girl-bonding activity is a crafty workshop and here at Glam Hatters we have the cream of the crop of fascinator making. If you’re looking for something that is super on trend but also fun for the older generation, a Gatsby Inspired Headpiece Making Workshop is the perfect hen party activity. Hens have a giggle trying on all the different fascinators. They help each other out with style advice and ask opinions of each other on colour options. Hens are really supportive of each other during these workshops and it offers a great space for everyone to relax and get to know each other.hen party weekend Whist the hens focus on their sewing skills they automatically chat to each other, rib each other, encourage each other and generally have a shared interest to talk about – not only at the hen party but also afterwards at the wedding. It’s a great conversation starter.

Hen Party Tip Number 5. Put together an awesome goodie bag!

Now when I’m talking awesome I am absolutely not talking expensive. I’m talking fun, loopy, quirky and cute. A goodie bag is such an exciting thing to be given, and given at the start of the party, if you get it right it will delight the hens. This hen party had crazy Queen masks and pink cat-eye sunglasses amongst other super cute stuff.

hen party cardiff
Our Glam Hatter Girl Davina in her Queen mask!

It made our Glam Hatter Girls laugh out loud to dress up in masks and sunnies. The contents of a goody bag should give hens something to bring them all together whilst reflecting the bride’s personality. And guess what  – there wasn’t a penis straw/penis shaped chocolate or in fact and tack what-so-ever and yet all the hens loved the theme!vintage hen party cardiff This blog was inspired by a hen party that our Glam Hatter Girls, Lena & Davina travelled to in Huntingdon. The Glam Hatters taught Sally Ann and her friends to make a Gatsby Inspired Headpiece. They both agreed that it was the most fun hen party they had ever taught and came back to London with their gorgeous goodie bags, and tales of a fun-filled afternoon. Check out Lena in her crazy fabulous, pink, cat-eye sunglasses! Thank you Sally Ann and your superb friends for looking after our Glam Hatter Girls and for being so much fun! Xx

Our Glam Hatter Girl wearing her goody bag sunnies!
Our Glam Hatter Girl wearing her goody bag sunnies!

The Glam Hatter Girls are based in London and travel all over UK. If you would like to Glam Hatters to come to your party please contact us and we will be there!

With Love, Glam Hatter Girl. xxx

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