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Vintage-Inspired Wedding Shoes, wear them to the wedding, then wear them with your jeans!

Lately whenever I ask the bride- to-be at our hen party workshops what they have left to organise for their wedding 9 times out of 10 it’s their shoes. And what then comes up is how hard it is to find lovely vintage looking shoes that don’t cost the earth. Furthermore, they would quite like to be able to wear them after the wedding, with a pair of jeans for a night out.

vintage-inspired wedding shoes
Wedding shoes by Lana

For me a good blog post is a reoccurring question that I am asked as someone in the know in the wedding industry. Therefore in this post I have made it my mission to find some beautiful vintage looking wedding shoes with an affordable price tag! In order to do this I have forgone the designer streets – Mount Street I haven’t seen you in a while! Instead I’ve trawled the Internet to find you the best, most affordable vintage style shoes – wear them to your wedding or to a Gatsby inspired night out (for more on Gatsby Inspired activities click here.)

Monsoon Wedding Shoe Collection

planning a hen party
Ditching my pumps in favour of vintage-inspired wedding shoes!

I shop at Monsoon from time to time and I’m always surprised at how good it is. I’ve had a few cool little jackets from Monsoon and the prints are always kind of different and interesting, plus they look good with my actual vintage dresses!

Monsoon have a new collection of wedding shoes and there are at least 3 pairs that I would buy myself but these are my favourite, they come in nude or Ivory and have a ditsy flowery lining which is cute.

I’m really into the nude colour over the Ivory as it smacks vintage and is less trad bridal which is why I really like them. Also There’s more chance of wearing them after the wedding with a red vintage dress, victory rolls and some striking lippy. These cost £89 and are available online and instore.

wedding shoes by Monsoon

I’ve also checked out Monsoon in-store. This is me (below) having a lovely time in amongst the racks of shoes. Excuse the serious face, I was trying to use my new i-phone, or i-brick as I’ve taken to calling it – does have a great camera etc but doesn’t fit into my pockets. You gotta take the rough with the smooth!

vintage inspired wedding shoes at high street prices

 Girls Of Elegance Shoes

Guys do not be put off by their website, here’s a head up, it’s not very pretty and does not by any stretch of the imagination shout (or even whisper) stylish wedding shoes. However they have a vintage shoe category and they have some real gems in that section. I saw 6 pairs in this section (it’s huge) that I would love to wear. Ranging from peep toes to Mary Jane’s, they have some gorgeous designs. These are my absolute favourite and they are by Freed of London, cost £85 are peach and silver and are made of leather. They look like cool wedding shoes or fabulous dancing shoes. Like I say the website is not great but they do have some great styles on there – go take a look and let me know what you think.

vintage wedding shoes

Rainbow Club Wedding Shoes

These guys are proper old school wedding shoe suppliers, and they will dye your choice of shoe to order. Brilliant if you want to go for it with your colour tones. The site shows a million ivory, satin shoes, so you have to use your imagination – surely there must be an app out there that will show them in your colour way?! These very simple, stylish lace peep toe shoes are my favourite. I’d love them in navy. The price tag comes in at £175 plus £25 to have them dyed to order.

wedding shoe ideas

They also sell shoe clips, which is a great way of dressing up a pair of your own favourite shoes to look more vintage – you could always use them on your hat for a different occasion. They’d be great for anchoring a bird cage veil to a fascinator which could then be un-clipped for the evening do.

wedding shoe clips


 Light In The Box Wedding Shoes.

Any one that knows me knows that although I’m a stylish kind of woman (Saint Martin’s Fashion graduate, sold my own millinery collections across the globe at London and Paris Fashion Week etc) Every now and again I turn into a 4 year old girl and glitter addict. I like to give her a bit of freedom and to listen (embrace her) when she likes something. These shoes are AMAZING!!! Seriously I love them, someone took a sugar pink 1970’s swimming cap and rolled it in a vat of pink Swarovski fairy dust and this is the result. Fab-u-lous. Team these with a gorgeous Candy Anthony dress and the look would be stylish, witty and fun.

wedding shoes


Again the Light In The Box website is far from aesthetically pleasing, shopping on it is not the most user friendly (“wait, hang on, which is the link to the shoes?!”) but the payoff is that these shoes are priced at £36.49. (How did they even get to that number – oh I see – because there’s 51% off the original price!)
Try out their website, I dare you to find a crazier more gorgeous pair of shoes than these. By the way, they do have some shoes that fit the brief of this post, take a look at these…

wedding ideas

Lovely, gold, sparkly, vintagy, not too high, round toed Mary Jane’s and cost £35.03(!)

Rachel Simpson Vintage Inspired Wedding Shoes.

So here’s the high end designer part of the blog! Rachel is the queen of designer vintage inspired wedding shoes and she has an innovative way to decide which shoes you should wear to your wedding, take her shoe quiz  below.

Rachel Simpson Wedding shoe game
Personally my favourite Rachel Simpson wedding shoes are these beautiful forget-me-knot blue leather shoes.

fascinator making London

These perfect shoes come in at £170 and for that you are investing in fantastic craftsmanship. These beautiful designer t-bar peep toe shoes are incredibly good value. Rachel Simpson is an award winning shoe designer and her speciality is vintage inspired wedding shoes. And they are oh so, so lovely. What are you waiting for – go check out her gorgeous website and her stunning shoes…

Aston Atelier Hand Painted Wedding Shoes.

Once you’ve decided on your perfect pair of shoes pop over to Ashton Atelier on Etsy and have the soles hand painted with your names and the date of the wedding. You can even send a colour swatch and they will match it for the colour of the soles. (They also do all the Disney characters, so if Cinders and Prince Charming are your thing, why not have one on each sole?!)

vintage wedding ideas

Lana’s Shop, have a picture of your wedding shoes painted.

I guess you can tell by now that I really love shoes (this is probably the longest blog post I’ve ever written!). When I buy a new pair of shoes I like to keep them on the mantle piece for a few days just to look at them. Take this idea one step further and have your wedding shoes painted on canvas as a beautiful keepsake of your wedding day. Pop over to Lana’s Etsy shop for all the details on how to do this. Her style is gorgeous as you can see from the illustrations at the beginning of this post. Here’s a larger view of one of her shoe paintings.

wedding planning

I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any tips for buying new vintage-inspired wedding shoes with an affordable price tag please do leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

With Love,

Glam Hatter Girl xxx

For Lana’s Shop (Wedding invites and illustrations), click here. Monsoon Shoes, click here. Girls of Elegance, click here. Rainbow Club, click here. Light In The Box, click here. Rachel Simpson, click here. Ashton Atelier, click here. Lana’s Shop on Etsy click here.




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