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When the team at The Red House called up to discuss their corporate event ideas we were in our element. The Red House was built by William Morris – the King of Craft!

corporate event ideas London

We work on our corporate event ideas with our clients in mind. We come up with the perfect creative event for the client and the space they are hosting in. 

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The team at The Red House were hosting a Wassail festival. The whole house was open to their clients and they also planned a Wassail procession around the orchard making as much noise as possible to scare away the evil spirits, and give the apple trees a glug of cider to encourage a year of good growth. Clients would then be invited to finish off with a hot mulled cider and mince pies in the café.

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Flower Crown Workshop – Corporate Event Ideas

The Red House team required a rolling workshop for 50 people which would be completed in 2 hours. We set up a table to fit 20 people at a time and designed the flower crown workshop to take 20 minutes.

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The Glam Hatter Girls arrived an hour previous to the event on a freezing December morning and were welcomed by the staff and volunteers at The red House. We quickly got to work setting up the room ready for the visitors.

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That way people could pop themselves down as and when they wanted to. We provided three Glam Hatter Teachers to help customers make their half crowns and keep everyone on track time wise.

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We had lots of materials to choose from and had pre-made the circle crowns so that the attendees could easily decorate them. Using soft green, pliable wire, the attendees wrapped on faux berries, leaves, holly and all things Christmassy. They made beautiful winter flower crowns and then wore the crowns for the Wassail procession around the orchard.

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The Red House is a beautiful building which William Morris designed and lived in. It is absolutely incredible in terms of craft on display.  It also has a super cute little cafe (fabulous cakes!) and a fab shop, ideal for Xmas gift shopping. Choose from William Morris print bags, cosy wool blankets (which make very chic scarves), and very stylish stationary.

Glam Hatters’ Events has run corporate events for law firms, galleries (including The National Gallery), retailers and events companies. We have lots of experience in this field and would love to come up with a bespoke workshop for your event. Call us for details and help with planning your corporate event. Contact Janie Lawson Gluckstein on the form below. Or call on the number above!


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