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In this post The Glam Hatter Girl researches the unusual metallic wedding cake trend. Here are the most stylish wedding cakes you need to know about!

This Unusual Metallic Wedding Cake Is By Never Pie Cakes

I’m all about metallic right now. Like a magpie it is totally on my radar. From my metallic brogues to my metallic make-up bag I am down with it! As I was scrolling through Pinterest earlier looking at cake (as you do) my eye caught upon a beautiful cube stacked metallic wedding cake. Congrats to Never Pie Cakes, I haven’t seen anything like that before. And that’s something I don’t say often in wedding planning world.

Metallic Wedding Cake Image Courtesy of

When you are planning your wedding for 2024 there are two wedding cake trend predictions you need to consider. The first is the metallic wedding cake and the second is the concrete cake. We’ll save the concrete cake for another post.

Stylish Metallic Wedding Cake By De La Creme

I stumbled across De La Creme Creative Studio on Pinterest, they are certainly not local (based in Missouri) but if it’s inspiration you’re looking for check them out. I absolutely love the details of their work (above). The colours are simple, which means the amazing detailing stands out. The metallic wedding cake above is so stylish it reminds me of all the things that make a hat beautiful. Perfect balance, poise and understated beauty. This really is a graceful metallic wedding cake.

Stylish Wedding Cake By Sweet Treats Bakery

For more intimate weddings try a one tier metallic wedding cake. Add a calligraphy style cake topper, a wash of subtle colour and gold metallic leaf. This cake from Sweet Treats Bakery is styled to perfection and I love it.

Metallic Wedding Cake Combined With Gorgeous Flowers

flower crown style wedding cake
Flower & Metallic Wedding Cake by Cake Ink

The flower trend prevails – this cake from Cake Ink really took my breath away – possibly because I have just created a hat which looks just like this! (See below).

Ascot Millinery by Janie Lawson for Glam Hatters' Hen Parties

The cake below from Cakes Decor is super sweet and of course it appeals to me because it’s wearing it’s very own floral crown! What could be better?! For more beautiful flower crowns that you can wear yourself or dress your cake with check out our Flower Crown Hen Party Workshop.

Metallic & Flower Crown Wedding Cake by Cakes Decor

The subtle metallic highlights on this wedding cake combined with the straight metallic lines and super-pretty flowers make for a work of art. If anyone does “pretty” really well it’s the guys at Cotton & Crumbs. Look at their website if you’re after a very pretty and  unusual metallic wedding cake.

Metallic & Floral Wedding Cake by Cotton & Crumb

Next week I will be bringing you the concrete cake. Purely because it gives me an excuse to get on Pinterest and look at cake! I have lots of inspirational boards on Pinterest, from hen party planning to wedding cake, to DIY ideas for your hen party and wedding. Take a look and remember to follow me on Pinterest for all the latest hen party and wedding news.

With Love & Laughter, Glam Hatter Girl xxx

Never Pie Cakes

De La Creme Creative Studio

Cake Ink

Cakes Decor

Cotton & Crumbs


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