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Celebrity hair stylist Terry Wilson founded Hair Organics, Notting Hill in 2009. Here are his expert tips for having fabulous wedding hair.

1. Make a Wedding Planning File with a section for your Wedding Hair.

Wedding Hair photography by Lou Denim
Photography by Lou Denim

We use mood boards when doing a wedding hair photo shoot, if you can do this for your wedding hair you will be helping your hairdresser tremendously, it will also guarantee you get the look you want. Make a Pinterest board or buy bridal magazines and cut out your fave looks. Even if it’s just a lipstick or part of a hairstyle, for example a fringe. Collect everything you can find for your mood board, it will give your hair dresser and make up artist a feel for the kind of look you love. Don’t just put hair and make up in, add pictures of your dress too.

To quote Terry, “It’s the biggest day of your life, it’s like a photo shoot, it’s like a frickin’ movie. It’s meticulously planned so why have anything go wrong. Make a mood board!!!”

2. Pre-book your hairdresser a month before the wedding.

wedding planning 2024
Image Credit Tonya Styling

Take your look book and a picture of your dress to the consultation. Then book a hair trial for 3 weeks before the wedding. And as Terry says, “Don’t expect miracles on the first trial.” booking the trial 3 weeks ahead of the wedding gives you time to book a second hair trial 2 weeks before the wedding.

3. Bring your veil, fascinator or flowers with you.

When you come to the hair trial you will need all your accessories so that you can decide what you’d like to wear in your hair.

4. “DO NOT wear a black polo neck to your hair trial.”

Wear a white top with a similar neck line to your wedding dress and no make up. You need to get an idea of what you will look like on the day and a dark coloured top or a high neck top will throw you completely. Don’t do it!

wedding trends for bridal hair 2024
Image Credit Honour & Blessings

5. Be yourself.

If you never wear your hair up why have it up for your wedding?! If you want an up do but love your long hair have a little bit up off your face but not the whole thing. If you normally have short hair stay with your style. Short hair looks just as sexy and fabulous and you’ll still look like you.

6. The Bodyguard.

Nominate a bodyguard and have them at the bedroom door. You should be feeling like a movie star whilst having your hair and make up done. No interruptions are acceptable, to stay calm and serene you don’t need any last minute food requirements/cash machine enquiries/local mechanic recommendations…. This is your time to breath and be still before your big day. Enjoy it.

wedding hair trends
Image Credit Pinterest


You will have so much going on on the day, hair, make-up, wedding dress, jewellery. Don’t get carried away and wear too much. If you have a high necked wedding dress you don’t need a necklace, etc. Try on your whole ensemble before the day and make sure it all works together.

Terry’s salon is Hair Organics in Notting Hill. They specialise in beautiful, shiny, natural hair and their unique selling point is Shine On.
Hair Organics is about to launch it’s own hair product line.
Take a look at their website here

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