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wedding-photographer-londonThis week I am handing over to my brilliantly talented friend, fashion & wedding photographer Odi Caspi…

When the glam hatter girl asked me to share some wedding photography tips for brides to be, on looking fabulous in their wedding pictures, it really got me thinking…

I usually work intuitively and adapt for each person and situation without too much conscious thought. I’m also a big believer in being natural, having fun and allowing situations to develop organically. I know how to direct but prefer to use direction sparsely during the wedding.


So I looked back at weddings I’ve shot and wrote down a short list of wedding photography tips:

Wedding Photography Tip 1. Be true to yourself and feel good about it!

It’s not a modelling session. There are no rights or wrongs and the only important thing is that you, the couple, are having fun and enjoying your celebration.

Hen Day photography of bride and friends

Wedding Photography Tip 2. Pick a photographer whose style you like and that you get along with easily.

Talk on the phone, tell him or her what you want and check that there is an open a channel of communication. Most photographers would appreciate this too. Meet in person before the day, and if you can’t meet in person, try Skype to break the ice. Having someone you know and trust around you on the day will help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable.

photographer for hire

Wedding Photography Tip 3. Get a good make up artist!

When I got married (many years ago!) my wife picked a MUA who was successful on TV but was rather heavy handed. You need an artist skilled in subtle looks that enhance your natural features. I’ve learnt from picking teams for fashion shoots. When I meet with new make up artists, often the make up they wear themselves speaks volumes about their skills and tastes so I usually know straight away if I will like working with them. Hair can be equally important, some make up artists are very good with hair styling too. If you already have a regular hair stylist you’re used to, it’s a good idea to get him/her on board.

wedding-photographer North London-london-004
Walking down to the reception in Islington. I like the informal and almost editorial photos you get when couples are not paying attention to the photographer.

Wedding Photography Tip 4. Book a Portrait session with your photographer.

If you or your partner are anxious about having your pictures taken, try booking a portrait session before the wedding date. It will help keep you relaxed in front of the camera, dispel any fears you have and give you a nice set of pictures to keep. Many wedding photographers offer a pre-wedding shoot or an engagement shoot. This is a good opportunity to get to know your photographer at work.

weddingphotography tips-london-008
We shot in a north London park for the wedding invitations. They had a lot of ideas and we just played around for a couple of hours.

Wedding Photography Tip 5. Champion your love.

It’s easy for couples to loose each other in all the preparations, ceremonies, formalities and special effects that come with wedding territory. Your togetherness is the essence of the whole day. Keep your connection at the centre of your wedding (and your life for that matter!) and you will overcome many an obstacle. Couples in love make a great subject for photography and it’s the main the reasons I love shooting weddings!

wedding tips
…This is why we’re celebrating!

I hope these tips have been helpful. Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts or any similar experiences you’ve had. I’m also happy to answer any question.

Best wishes, Odi Caspi, Wedding photographer.

Thank you Odi, for a fabulous post. Here is more about my talented friend…

Odi has been a full time professional photographer since 2003 and has shot for MTV, National Magazines, More Magazine, Reveal Magazine, JD Sorts, Dove/ Unilever and many other brands and companies.
He turned his focus to personal shoots and weddings a few years ago and is “loving every moment.” 
Like me he is based in Candid Arts, Islington, London. Odi works all over the UK and also abroad.

For Odi Caspi’s website click here.



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